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No StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo Star | Aug 27 2012, 9:28 PM | Print
Installer is 'Damaged' on Mac Mountain Lion OS
The main issue turned out to be Mountain Lion's GateKeeper, which defaults to only allowing signed apps to run. The installer app's not signed, and Mountain Lion incorrectly throws up an 'application is damaged' warning and refuses to run it.

To get around this..
  1. Open System Preferences, 
  2. Select 'Security and Privacy', 
  3. Then on the General Tab, change 'Allow applications downloaded from' to "Anywhere".
You should now be able to launch the Dugi installer app. Once you've launched the app, you can change the security setting back to "Mac App Store and identified developers" (the default) or "Mac App Store", whichever you prefer. The Dugi installer app will now be "grandfathered" in and will continue to run, even with the stricter security setting in place.